Three short months ago I played a little show in London to release VAGABOND into the world. It was a real special night with people who’d come from all over the place to be there, including my mother and sister who surprised me by flying over from Australia for it!!

Here’s a little snippet of the night directed by Toby Lewis Thomas from! We’ll hopefully be putting up a few performances from the show over the coming weeks too.

Thank you immensely to everyone who came out to a show in Canada and the USA over the last little while! I’ve had an incredible time and am so thankful that so many people came along to the shows, I know some people drove 5-6 hours to be there, it has really blown me away, thank you!!

ps I can’t wait to come back, hopefully next year, hopefully with Natsuki Kurai…..

Here’s another video from the last tour with Passenger and The Once, it was amazing to be able to tag along for the tour and sing with these guys every day and incredibly special for me to be able to sing one of my songs together! Thank you Mike, Geri, Phil, Andrew, Thomas, Simon, Russ, James, Alex, Bryan, Terry, Dan and Rebekah for such a wonderful tour, I miss you all. 

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